This website was designed by LDS parents and professionals who are aware that when you first learn you have a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) child and need some very focused information, instead you are confronted with hundreds of pages of reading material, many hours of video recordings, and several websites, all representing a very wide range of perspectives and experiences.  It can be just too much. What you need is one simple, clear place to start.

  • This site provides timely, relevant, and reliable information for parents who have recently learned their son or daughter is gay (LGB). Some of the information here will be helpful if your child is transgender.  Other material will be added later for more Transgender specific information.

  • This site can help these parents (1) protect their child from suicide and other risks, and (2) recognize their child’s potential to live a full, happy life.

  • This is not an official Church website, although it takes an LDS perspective, uses LDS terms, and cites LDS sources (including the official Church website, MormonsandGays.org).

  • This site differs from the Church’s website in two ways: (1) It focuses on a specific audience (i.e., parents who “just found out”), and (2) It includes information not available on the Church’s website (e.g., information on protecting your child from suicide and other risks as well as current information from science).

  • This site is focused and brief and is therefore not comprehensive. For those who are interested, it includes links and references to additional sources of information.

  • Its name and url are similar to the Church’s website (MormonsandGays.org) so it will be easy for parents to find.

  • It does not represent any organization, LDS or otherwise, but it does include links to several different organizations.

  • If you have questions or comments about this website, e-mail us at ldshandout@aol.com