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My child just came out as gay...

This site is a resource for LDS families, created by LDS parents and professionals. It is not an official Church site.

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Click Here to learn how one family
responded when their child came out
Before you do anything else, love your child! She has become emotionally vulnerable in trusting you with something precious—a deeper understanding of who she is. He has likely spent years trying to understand his feelings, so this process for you may take time.
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Click here to learn how your love and thoughtful
response can protect your child from harm
As a parent, your first thought is for your child's safety and their physical and emotional well-being. Studies have demonstrated that a family's reaction to a child's coming-out can have far-reaching consequences.
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Click here to learn what official church
publications have to say about homosexuality
Parents are often pleasantly surprised to learn how recent statements from LDS leaders about homosexuality differ from what they might have heard in the past. Official church publications and websites have made the church's positions clear.
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Click here to learn what scientists (including active
Latter-day Saints) have discovered about homosexuality
What have scientists discovered about the biological and developmental aspects of homosexuality? What makes someone gay? Can his or her orientation be changed?
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Click here to discover additional resources
and support groups for families of gay Mormons
Nobody should have to deal with life's challenges alone—a Latter-day Saint's charge to comfort those who stand in need of comfort means you aren't on your own. A number of groups can provide support and additional information for you. Reach out and connect with others who can help you.
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Click to watch and read stories from parents (like you) and other
allies who have found peace and love in their search for understanding
Stories connect us. The more poignant the tale the more deeply we relate with its characters. Learning what other families have experienced when a loved one has come out as gay can help us to gain insight into our own experiences.